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To improve your device protection, you can go for Webroot SecureAnywhere because it is highly suggested for excellent internet security all over the world. It gives you amazing features like firewall, VPN, real-time protection any many more. You can download, install and activate this security on your device from the office Webroot site: webroot.com/safe.

Specification and Requirements for Installing Webroot SecureAnywhere

Here are the requirements and specification given below:

1.     Don't forget to update the PC to the latest OS.

2.     Check your device that you do not have any malicious or outdated files.

3.     Look at if the device is compatible with Webroot's download and install process.

4.     Ensure that the PC has sufficient storage to save the file of setup.

5.     You have to erase any vulnerable glitches or threats prior to downloading the Webroot Secure.

6.     Navigate to the 'www.webroot.com/safe' link to determine the PC's specs and compulsory requirements for the installation process.

Instructions to Download the Webroot Secure Setup Effectively

To download the Webroot SecureAnywhere, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.     Check the system specification of your system.

2.     Then read the license agreement for the Webroot.

3.     Don’t forget to check the internet connection.

4.     Before Webroot downloading, uninstall the previous antivirus program.

5.     In case the purchase was online, then go to ‘www.webroot.com/safe’ and download the file.

6.     If you have a CD and inject it into the drive.

7.     You will see an installation screen in front of your window.

8.     You should select the provided link to get begun.

9.     Else, reach the screen of the CD drive and twice click on a file of Webroot installation.

10.You will see a pop-up of Webroot installation.

11.Give the keycode of Webroot into the provided section.

12.Reach the terms carefully and hit the button of Agree, then click on the Install button.

13.You should have extra modification by selecting the button of Installation options.

14.Go to the UAC screen and hit the button Yes.

15.You have to finish the process of registration.

16.Then, input the email ID into the given section.

17.Now hit the button of Continue.

18.Skim via the Webroot SecureAnywhere Agreement.

19.Get a return to the previous screen.

20.You have to press the Agree and Continue buttons.

21.Finally, pursue the provided pop-up and permit the installation to get a finish.

Instructions to Install the Webroot Antivirus Correctly Online

To install the Webroot SecureAnywhere, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.     Navigate to www.webroot.com/safe on your system.

2.     Then, the installation of Webroot Secure gets begun.

3.     You should locate the file of “wsainstall.exe” for the process of installing.

4.     Later, input the product key code by going to the last of the screen.

5.     Now, go via the directions mentioned over the window.

Instructions to Activate the Webroot Antivirus Effectively

To activate the Webroot SecureAnywhere, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.     Once you finish the installation, hit the icon of Webroot Secure.

2.     Optionally, go to “webroot.com/safe.”

3.     You should locate the activation key for the activation of Webroot Secure.

4.     If you have already downloaded the Webroot Secure via offline mode, later locate the activation code of Webroot Secure on the card’s backside.

5.     If you have already installed the Webroot online, then locate the product key to activate Webroot Secure to a paired email account.

6.     Hit the Enter key.

7.     You will receive an activation notification over the desktop.

8.     Now, you should use the services given by the antivirus of Webroot.

Locate the Keycode of Webroot on MacBook

To find the activation key of Webroot SecureAnywhere on Mac, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.     Hit the icon of Webroot on your system.

2.     Then reach the tab of My Account.

3.     Now, you can view the keycode of Webroot along with the information.

4.     Else, you should go to “webroot.com/secure” and log in, then get the keycode.

Locate the Keycode of Webroot on Windows

To find the product code Webroot SecureAnywhere on Windows, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.     Invoke the program of Webroot Secure.

2.     Then select the My Account option.

3.     Now, simply know the subscription info and keycode.


Q. Does Webroot have a free version?

You would like the Webroot item with the ultimate performance, functionality, and features. We suggest you will locate that using Webroot. So, Webroot gives you free trials of the virus protection program for 14 days.

Q. How many computers can I install Webroot Antivirus on?

The Webroot protection program is available with multiple license types that let you install it maximum on 5 devices. If the license is for a single system, you cannot install it on more devices.

Q. How do I know if Webroot is installed?

If you want to check that Webroot is installed on your device, then check either the taskbar Webroot icon as appeared over the right-hand side or the Webroot folder shown beneath the list of Start Menu programs as displayed over the left-hand side of the screen.